New Name, Woo Dis?

Pssst… you. Yeah, you! We have some news that’s worth breaking out confetti. Take a guess! No, we aren’t celebrating that the school year is almost over, but that’s still very exciting. We’re excited to announce that we’re changing our social media account names to @FoodPigSooie!! And what better way to combine our two favorite …

Whole Grains

  Whole Grains. Let’s talk about them. Whole grains are in breads, cereals, and pastas. These are a very important part of a well rounded diet. Whole grain products are made with or containing whole unprocessed grain. Quinoa, wheat, bulgur, corn, barley, millet, rice, rye, oats, sorghum, and wild rice are all examples of whole …

Meet the Blog Team

Taylor Headshot DraftTaylor Pruitt

Hi, my name is Taylor Pruitt! I am a sophomore double majoring in Agricultural Business and Hospitality Innovation. I am a sustainability intern for Chartwells and the primary operator of our Freight Farm. I was born and raised in Bergman, Arkansas. I have two sisters that also attended the University of Arkansas and am always mistaken for one or the other. It’s okay though – we all know the baby of the family is the best child. You’ll probably see me running around campus because I’m always late! I love planting flowers, being outdoors, and decorating.


Ashton BlogAshton Julian

Hi! My name is Ashton Julian, Wellness Intern at Chartwells Dining. I am from Lockwood, Missouri. I am a senior majoring in Human Nutrition and Hospitality Innovation with a concentration in Dietetics. Most people know me by my big Ramen noodle hair. Some things about me: passionate for cooking, incapable of not laughing in awkward moments, stressed induced baking, my guilty pleasure of puns, and a love for health and nutrition.


Mackenzie BlogMackenzie Ladusau

Mackenzie Ladusau is a Wellness Intern with Chartwells Dining at the University of Arkansas. She was born and raised in Coppell, Texas before making her way up to the University of Arkansas. Mackenzie is a senior, majoring in human nutrition and hospitality innovation with a concentration in dietetics. She enjoys cooking, fitness, crime shows, being out in the sun, and a good nap.


merrisa-blog-photoMerrisa Jennings

Merrisa Jennings, sustainability intern with Chartwells, is involved with Clean Plate, Freight Farms, and Carbon FoodPrint. She’s a senior majoring in Biological Engineering and Biochemistry. She’s also minoring in Sustainability and African/African-American Studies. Merrisa comes from the small town of Collinsville, OK, and has five nieces and nephews that entertain her during the breaks. Merrisa’s love for traveling has taken her across the globe to Tanzania and New Zealand. She plans to attend graduate school for Molecular Engineering.


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